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We regularly design projects for arts institutions, schools and universities. These can range from a series of class workshops to resources, staff training, and whole school events. Projects can be designed with your priorities in mind and we will work with you to create exciting and worthwhile experiences for your students and staff. We can also share our practice and research with students and staff through talks and practical work.   We offer experimental workshops for Primary, Secondary and SEND settings. We typically run 2-3 workshops per day with different groups or full day workshops with one group.

Please contact us at info@leapthenlook.org.uk to begin a conversation.

Primary School Workshops

Fun and experimental practical sessions for all year groups often involve working with clay, building large constructions from bamboo, exploring photography and creating videos. These can take place in the classroom, the hall or outside. With staff support we can work with several classes over a school day. 

Secondary SchoolWorkshops

Workshops for secondary students from year 7 – year 13. We encourage students to think of art making as an active process of discovery where they test ideas and approaches, documenting the results. Popular session involve approaches to photography and film, assemblage sculpture, large scale bamboo constructions, installation work.  

SEND Workshops

Specialists in working with children and young people with SEND our workshops are often materials-based offering opportunities to explore sensory, kinetic and construction activities in an open and supportive environment where participants can work in their own time. We encourage collaboration and team work and offer many possibilities for sessions to develop so that workshops can respond to the needs and wants of the participants.

CPD and Training

We run professional development and training sessions on a range of artistic practice including sculpture, mark making, digital media, collaborative practice, investigative approaches and practice-based research. We share our arts practice, approach to working with young people as well as our academic research. We also set up and try out a range of practical activities teachers are then able to take with them into the classroom to work with their students. 

University Workshops

We regularly run practical workshops for BA, MA and PGCE students across the UK. BA and MA workshops explore collaborative and participatory practice with us sharing our work as Leap Then Look and our research in art pedagogy, sculpture, film and performance. Workshops can take place over a day with students being invited to work practically across a range of activities. University workshops draw on our research and publications in art pedagogy and explore ways to teach collaborative, open-ended approaches in the classroom often focusing on sculpture, mark making and digital media.

Leap Then Look Art School

We run a regular art school for children aged 8-14 years at Phoenix Art Space Brighton in the Summer, October half-term, February half-term and Easter holidays. More information can be found on our home page and at Phoenix Art Space




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