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Leap Then Look create art works, participatory projects and workshops. If you would like to work with us we would love to hear from you!
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We create participatory artworks, events and workshops for:

Galleries and Art Centres


Early Years, Primary, Secondary and A Level, SEND


Training and CPD sessions




Creative, Participant-led Evaluation Training

CPD workshops available to book now for organisations. Email: info@leapthenlook.org.uk


By involving people in a process of reflecting on what takes place, they will be better equipped to understand how these experiences can have a positive impact on their lives.

This training offers an introduction to Leap Then Look’s creative, participant-led approach to evaluation. It will offer strategies for engaging participants in evaluation as an on-going reflective practice; creative evaluation activities; and a framework for assessing and reflecting on types of active engagement.

Our progressive approach to evaluating creative projects allows participants to enter into an ongoing reflective process. We have developed a strategy and toolkit of activities which this training will share with you.

Trainings are collaborative and generative. Though discussion participants will be encouraged to develop activities for their own settings. Principles underpinning our approach to art practice and education – process, collaboration, research, experimentation -will be explored and an understanding developed in which participants can be seen to reveal their opinions and tactic judgements through their engagement in practical activities.

2 hour online training (max 15 participants) £300

Online training will offer an introduction to our ethos, approach and toolkit. It will invite participants to consider a number of different situations in which engagement can be assessed and outline strategies for involving participants in ongoing reflection.

4 hour in person training (max 15 participants) £600 (inclusive of materials)*

In-person training will involve the above and include practical activates which will be used to try out approaches to participant reflection, assessment of engagement and creative evaluation activities. This will allow participants to develop a working knowledge, adapt and extend activities for their own settings and embed these approaches in their practice.

*additional travel cost may be added if setting is some distance from our base in Brighton





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