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Our new interactive exhibition

Play Interact Explore is a unique exhibition of interactive artworks and resources  developed in collaboration with four community groups in Eastbourne and Brighton: West Rise Junior School, Arts in Mind, Downs View Special School and the Brighton and Hove Foster Service. The exhibition explores the possibilities of play, collaboration and material exploration in cross-disciplinary art practice, and will feature several large, tactile sculptural objects, touchable artworks and colourful assemblages, creating a lively, exciting and curiosity-filled space designed to support and encourage visitors of all types to take part in playful exploration and critical thought through making.

This exhibition and wider project engages communities and groups in multidisciplinary collaborative practice as a new approach to art and exhibition-making.

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1 Mile of String - Wiggle Pavilion, London Festival of Architecture

The second incarnation of our interactive installation A Mile of Sting, using the Wiggle Pavilion as the structure to weave a collaborative web of string. Part of the London Architecture Festival 2022.

Compton Verney Workshops

We have been working with the learning team at Compton Verney in Warwickshire to create outdoor activities for groups of different ages and abilities in response to the amazing outdoor pavilion created by Morag Myerscough.

Goldsmiths CCA

CPD workshop with the learning team at Goldsmiths CCA, exploring modes of material improvisation in response to the work of Virginai Overton.

COP 26 Workshops

A series of workshops to coincide with the Glasgow COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference with young people from Thomas Tallis School, Parliament Hill School and Eltham Hill School in London, exploring the ways we can rework, remake and reuse, listening to our materials.Part of the London Schools Climate Kickstart Project.

Folkestone Triennial Family Workshops

In 2021 we worked with Creative Folkestone and the Folkestone Triennial to deliver family workshops and teacher CPD sessions based on play, collaboration and facilitating spaces for physical and material exploration.

Sculpture Playground at Jump Festival, E17

The second outing of our interactive sculpture set for children at Jump Festival E17.

The West Rise Marshland Project

Un-Particular A Poem from Leap Then Look on Vimeo.


A major project began in 2019 with West Rise Junior School in Eastbourne funded by Arts Council England and supported by Towner Gallery, South Downs National Park, Photoworks, Brighton Photo Fringe and Phoenix Art Space, Brighton. Using the 120 Aches of marshland opposite the school as a site for artistic exploration we have been runnig weekly workshops with gourps of children, collaborating to create experimental sculptue, performance and film in order to discover the potentials of this amazing space and express our developing relationships to it.

Moulsecoombe Forest Garden Foster Family Project

A project with Brightona nd Hove Foster Service bringing together foster families at the Moulsecoobe for a series of outdoor workshops aimed at bringing families together through collaborative and experimental activities. Funded by Brighotn and Hove Council's Communities Fund.

Black Mountain College Active Archive Digital Exhibition

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks
Our Balck Mountain College Active Archive Digital Exhibition is now live. Click here to visit the exhibition.

In July 2020 we undertook a 10-day digital residency with BMCM+AC as part of their Active Archive project. Over the 10 days we posted archival material, quotes, interviews, provocations and our own creative responses to the amazing wealth of cross-discuplinary, collaborative practice that happened at Black Mountain College. You can see all 44 posts on our instagram and we are soon to be creating an online exhibition based on the project for BMC, as well as more online workshops.

#PhotographyActs Project with Photo Fringe

Leap Then Look Photography Acts Project with Photo Fringe

A digital and in-person community project run alongside the Photo Fringe 2020 TAKE/MAKE Festival, supported by Art Fund, Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove City Council.

Each week in October 2020 we posted a new creative instruction on Instagram inviting people to submit their responses online. Alongside this we ran a series of community projects with the Eastbourne Shed, Hangleton Primary School, Brighton and Thomas A Becket Junior School, Worthing. Thousands of amazoing images were created over the project and a selection of the results can be seen on the Photo Fringe Website.

Click here to see the digital exhibition

The Cross_Over Project

An online collaboration with spanish arts educator Anna Jover. This project aims to connect people in lockdown in Spain and the UK through a series of weekly instructions. Anyone can take part. All you have to do is create your own response to the instructions and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #cross_overproject and tag us @leap_then_look and Anna @aeioutururublog

Leap Then Look Podcast

A series of interviews with artists working at the crossroads of art and education. There are three interviews in this first series, one with collaborators Annis Joslin and Sarah Cole, one with Natalie Zervou-Kerruish and one with Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi. This project was funded by an A-N artists bursery.

Instructions Workshop

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

A drop-in workshop for families at Old Spitalfields Market for the FamEast Festival inviting people of all ages to respond to a series of open-ended instruction using a range of lo-fi materials.

One Mile of String

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

A two-day collaborative installation at Orleans House Gallery, where we invited families to help us fill the space with one mile of string, wooden sculptures and projections.

Leap Then Look Summer School

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

Two five-day courses for children aged 6-9 and 10-13 at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton. Exploring unconventional modes of object making, performance and film, children were encouraged to work collaboratively over the five days creating a huge amount of new work, from chair sculptures to hand coloured 16mm film, tactile sculptures and sound and movement performance. An amazing and inspiring two weeks with 32 incredible young people.

Performing Listening Workshop

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

A drop-in workshop for families at the Greenwich Jazz Festival, asking them to make their own beaters and explore the possibilities of a set of sound sculptures.

Explorers In-Focus Photography Project

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

An action-research project with Photoworks as part of the Project Artworks Explores Project, creating photography workshops for and with neuro-diverse adults and young people.

Photography and Performance Workshops at Thomas Tallis School

LEAP THEN LOOK GCSE GCSE Photography Workshops at Thomas Tallis School

Hod do images perform, how can they be developed and extended, how do they prompt different types of looking, thinking and creative action? Two day workshops at Thomas Tallis School, London for year 10 students studying photography. Students explored chance, masking, overlaying, slow motion, projection, created hand sculptures and simple choreographies for the camera.

Sculpture Playground

LEAP THEN LOOK Sculpture Playground for Hemingway Design Urban Village Fete

A collection of 25 move-able, roll-able and rock-able sculptures for under 5s. Commissioned by Hemingway Design for the 2019 Urban Village Fete in Greenwich, London.

Don’t we all play the same?


This research project with partners Greenside School, Kingston School of Art and Tate London Schools and Teachers, brings together groups of people who would, educationally, otherwise be completely separate. It aims to discover similarities in the way we approach and interact with materials and art works, generating new forms of collaboration, ways of inhabiting and exploring the gallery, its architecture and the art works within it. Creating a space of playful excitement, and reframing the gallery as an open and inclusive environment. 

Can Sculptures Perform?

LEAP THEN LOOK Performance and Sculpure workshops at University of Brighton and Kingston School of Art

A participatory artwork involving groups of undergraduate Fine Art and Sculpture students from Kingston School of Art and University of Brighton and the artist membership of Devonshire Collective. The idea behind these workshops was to explore the physical and imaginative possibilities of sculpture through improvisation and play. Participants were invited to build and construct sculptures which were then taken to the film studio to be performed with. This was not just the presentation of finished work but an important part of the making process through which we learned about what we had made and what it could do together.


Tate Schools and Teachers’ Summer School 2018


A five-day workshop series for teachers and other arts professionals exploring experiential modes of art making, using instructions and invitation, making and talking, play and improvisation. Working with Claire UndyHeart n Soul, Rachel Cattle Jon Owen and Corali Dance Company. The premise for these workshops was to develop a particular style of learning and exploration which was direct, embodied, often physical, without fixed expectations or narrow success criteria, in which participants were given the freedom to explore ideas, materials or approaches in their own way. The job of the workshop leader becoming one of initiator, enthusiast and sensitive observer.

See documentation on Instagram at @teacherssummerschool2018 #tatesummerschool

Please Do Not Touch SEND Study Day


A one-day workshop at Tate Britain for teachers and other arts professionals looking at techniques and strategies for activating the gallery and engaging and supporting young people with SEND to work in unconventional ways.

Brighton Photo Fringe PARTICIPATE Project

LEAP THEN LOOK Can Movement Becom eSculpture Brighton Photo Fringe photography and sculpture Participate project .jpg

Six workshops inviting different community groups to engage with the questions and techniques of sculpture and photography. In each workshop a different question was posed which participants were invited to explore using particular materials and techniques. Their contributions, arranged and displayed on a large-scale outdoor exhibition space constituted our collective answer to the questions.

Wearing Sculpture

LEAP THEN LOOK Explorers In-Focus Photography Project with Photoworks and Project Artworks

A two-day workshop for the Watts Gallery MAKE Festival, inviting participants to create wearable sculptures and pose for among the trees.


Come As You Are - Turner Contemporary Margate, Arnolfini Britstol and C-Art Cumbria.

Participatory performance in conjunction with a theatre piece at the Theatre Royal Margate,  in which members of the public stood on a revolving plinth whilst improvised text appeared above them on a lazer display board, based on a series of questions they had been asked to answer.

Demonstrate with Corali Dance Company - Oval House Theatre London

A ten week Saturday club for young people with SEND exploring movement and dance and incorporating object making and photography to extend, inspire and record movement content creating dance objects and projected backdrop for the final performance.

Artist in Residence - Orchard, Southwald and Hoxton Garden Primary Schools, Hackney

Two-year artist residency across three federated primary schools in East London with Olivia Camden. This project involved working closely with year 3 and 4 students to create permanent installations and artworks around the schools, introducing children to new art making techniques and processes.  




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